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Benefit Chicken Shashlik with Garlic Rice special. Learn How to Make Chicken Shashlik & Egg Fried Rice by Sooperchef. Chicken Shashlik Recipe Chicken Shashlik is tasty and delicious dish. Chicken is marinated and skewed with vegetables on skewers.

Chicken Shashlik with Garlic Rice You can also serve chicken shashlik in gravy style. Chicken Shashlik - Spicy and tangy Chicken Shashlik is one of the popular Chinese recipes that is made from boneless chicken along with spices and supporting ingredients like corn flour, ketchup, yogurt, eggs, green onion, black pepper, chili powder, soya sauce, vinegar, chili sauce. Marinate chicken with ginger garlic paste, mustard paste, crushed black pepper, white vinegar, tomato, onion, capsicum, red pepper powder and salt and leave for one hour. You be responsible browning grill Chicken Shashlik with Garlic Rice employing 18 prescription as well as 16 as a consequence. Here is how you bring off.

process of Chicken Shashlik with Garlic Rice

  1. You need 1-1/2 kg of Chicken boneless cubes.
  2. Prepare 2-2 tbsp of soya sauce.
  3. give 3-2 tbsp of vinegar.
  4. This 4-1 tsp of Paprika powder.
  5. then 5-1/2 tsp of Black pepper.
  6. then 5-1 tsp of ginger paste.
  7. a little 6-1 tsp of Garlic paste.
  8. You need 7-4 tbsp of tomato ketchup.
  9. You need 8-1/2 tsp of red chilli powder.
  10. a little 9-1/2 tsp of Mustard paste.
  11. add 10-1 of capsicum.
  12. also 11-2 of tomatoes.
  13. give 12-1 cup of sweet corns.
  14. You need of Garlic Rice.
  15. Prepare 1-1 cup of sella rice.
  16. add 2-2 tbsp of oil.
  17. use 3-1 tsp of Garlic chopped.
  18. You need 4-1 tsp of salt.

Keep stirring the spoon until it turns thick. Hot and spicy chicken shashlik is ready. Serve with shashlik sauce and fried rice. Shashlik in its most basic form is pieces of meat grilled on a skewer over coals.

Chicken Shashlik with Garlic Rice individually

  1. Marinate Chicken with salt, red chilli powder, paprika, soya sauce, black pepper, mustard paste, ginger garlic and tomato ketchup..
  2. Refrigerate for an hour. The more you marinate, it will become juicy..
  3. Soak your wood sticks in water for 5 minutes. This way it won’t stick..
  4. Now thread chicken, onions, capsicum and tomatoes in sticks..
  5. Repeat and fill all your sticks..
  6. Heat the grill pan..
  7. Apply little oil in it..
  8. Cook chicken sticks on low flame and turn after 5 minutes..
  9. Squeeze lemon juice when they are ready..
  10. Steam sweet corns with salt and pepper. Serve as side line..
  11. Garlic Butter Rice: Soak rice for and hour..
  12. Sauté garlic chopped in medium hot oil for 2-3 minutes.
  13. Add rice and sauté 1 minuet..
  14. Stir in 2 cups of water in 1 cup rice and little yellow colour..
  15. Cover, reduce heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes. Do not uncover untill the time is up..
  16. Remove the heat. Serve with shashlik and sweet corns..

The "classic" shashlik, Granny says, should be made with mutton. That's how it's often made in the Caucasus, where the dish originated, and where there's lots of sheep. In Moscow, however, there is less mutton, and Russians. Chicken Shashlik - Chicken Shashlik - A delicious and attractive dish loved by all. Chicken is marinated and then cooked on skewers with capsic.