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Directions Besan Naan khatai Recipe for cheap. Besan : I always prefer besan or gram flour in nankhatai as it really elevates the flavor of the cookies. The aroma of the baked besan is unique and cannot be got by substituting it with any other ingredient. However if you do not want to use it just replace with any nut powder, all-purpose flour or whole wheat.

Besan Naan khatai Recipe It is either made with atta or besan. This time i used besan to make this cookies, will share another version soon. Nankhatai Recipe with step by step photos. You cause steeping simmer Besan Naan khatai Recipe accepting 7 compound along with 7 than. Here is how you do the trick.

instructions of Besan Naan khatai Recipe

  1. add 3/4 Cup of wheat flour (atta) or besan – 75 grams.
  2. This 1/4 Cup of wheat flour (atta) or maida – 25 grams.
  3. a little 1/4 tsp of baking soda.
  4. a little 2 of green cardamoms.
  5. give 1/2 Cup of powdered sugar.
  6. use 1/3 Cup of solid ghee or soft butter.
  7. also Pinch of salt.

Naan Khatai By Shireen Anwar So lets enjoy the Lahori Naan Khatai لاہوری نان ختائی By Shireen Anwar and many others Pakistani chef Cooking Recipes. Aik bowl main maida, baking powder , besan aur baking soda mila kar chaan lain. Isy Ghee waly bowl mian daal kar Atay ki tarah gond lain. Baking recipe Cake/Muffins recipe Cake/Pastry Recipe Featured Indian Regional recipe Recipe for Kids Sweet snacks Sweets Traditional Indian recipe.

Besan Naan khatai Recipe method

  1. Preheat the oven at 170 C..
  2. Powder sugar along with cardamom seeds..
  3. Sieve the flours, salt and baking soda together..
  4. Mix the sugar and ghee well..
  5. Mix together with flour to make a stiff dough..
  6. Prepare a tray with parchment paper. Make balls of the dough, slightly flatten and bake exactly for 12 to 15 mins. Check after 12 mins..
  7. Cool them completely and store in an airtight jar..

Besan Ki Nan Khatai, Ghuncha Bahar and Do Parth Paratha - Treat your sweet tooth with a new dessert and delight everyday by just following this delightful Besan Ki Naan Khatai recipe. In a mixer, place sugar along with elachi and powder it. Naan Khatai is India's very own desi biscuit which is made in an open oven (you can make it in your OTG or cooker or convection oven also). It's an authentic snack recipe of the North Indian cuisine and can be easily prepared at home. Besan Naan Khatai Recipe Without Oven - Besan Nankhatai.